Monday, 5 March 2018

When it Rains

All I have is a little faith. They say even with little faith you can move mountains. I am trying, believe me, I am trying. It seems that somehow with the little faith that I have I am getting through the month but it is still piling up in front of me. 

My pickup Suzzette, was dropped off this afternoon in the midst of a highveld thunderstorm. The repair work looked okay but I could not stay long in the rain as I am down with a nasty bug since yesterday. Yes I did not eat any polony or any viennas as I don't enjoy pink slime, so it can't be that listeriosis recall.

Later when I was putting Suzzette away, I notice that the alarm did not work. Oh dear now I have to make sure that she is under lock and key for the night and the beams activated around her just to keep her safe until I can get her back to the panel beaters tomorrow morning.

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