Monday, 1 December 2008

Corner Dentist

Well today is officially World Aids Day and Metrorail is a day behind by only having a function tomorrow. During lunch I took a walk to the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin. The Saint Mary’s Hall was built in 1887 and the cathedral itself was built in 1926. I will post pictures soon but today’s photo really stands out. Around the cathedral there are many migrant, refugee and asylum seekers living. They try to survive as best as they can. I see many run down apartments in the area and then I saw this small child peering out at me from behind a make shift curtain. No doubt she or he is locked in a small dark room while his parents are out trying to make some money. On the streets there are many makeshift street vendors selling their wares and services. Rows upon rows of hair artists styling hair and putting in hair extensions can be seen. Then near the entrance of the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin I found this dental hygienist who was busy filing some patient’s teeth. As I took my cellphone out to take a photograph, he picked up a pair of pliers and proceeded to yank at a tooth. In a place of such poverty, life lives on with such raw beauty.

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