Friday, 2 March 2018

Bathing Scarlet

Since my pickup is still at the panel beaters, getting a new radiator which has been claimed as the cause of the electrical fire, I have to use Scarlet, my Red Baroness Vespa to commute to the Randfontein Show. 

I thought, since I will be at the show on my red Vespa and the corporate colours of Custom Couches is red, it would look kind of grand to put Scarlet on the stand, hence I had to get her a wash and polish. 

The first place I went too, did a Eco Wash which is waterless but wanted to charge R70 just for a wash. Dudes this not Cape Town. We are not spiralling to Day Zero, so no one in their right mind would pay R70 to wash a bike, no-one unless you live in Cape Town that is. After asking around, I found these guys next to the Total garage in Randfontein. Using water, soap, they gave Scarlet a good through bath with a polish afterwards at only R40. Thank you, Scarlet looks perfect.

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