Wednesday, 28 March 2018


After a fretful sleep last night, I prayed for wisdom on what to do. In the morning, I knew clearly the course of action. Part A: when the labourers arrived, the prepared the trench for the laying of the new pipe, check if the pipe under the cottage was still alright, if okay then buy new pipes and replace the section from the kitchen to the where disappears under the cottage. If not, then go straight to Part B: start digging the new around the cottage. Part C is the big search for the line on the other side of the cottage. This is what kept me up last night because of the slope of the land, the pipe would most likely be about 1m or more deep and anywhere. Knowing that the plan is way out, and now assuming that this is the old sewer line without a new one coming in I took a line from where the sewer left the property to where it went under the cottage and started digging. Thank God, that within a half a metre deep at the first stop we started digging, we found not only the pipe but the Y-joint with an inspection eye. 

Part A was a success which meant I could leave Part B for another day, as now I know exactly what is going on underground. 

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