Sunday, 5 November 2017

Meeting the Outlaws

Eish, time to meet Bradley’s outlaws, in other words, his girlfriend’s parents. This was sprung on me only this morning, “oh Adi’s parents are coming over for a braai, what time can I give them?” A braai did you say, well meeting the parents, wel nou gaan ons braai! Any excuse for a braai will work for me.

Adrienne arrived with her mom Debbie and dad Tinus while I was still busy getting the braai ready for their lekker kuiertjie on our deck overlooking the kloof. It was still very hot but it soon cooled off as the sun started set. For the record I did offer the usual skinny dipping but no one took up my offer as First Contact Protocol was in play. I think the meeting of the parents went quite well with no-one bringing up the elephant in the room oh course. One step at a time Jerome, now that first contact has being made.

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