Saturday, 25 November 2017

Fine but Tender

I had a terrible night last night, but thank God I am still alive. After arriving safely at my cousin Eleasha and her husband Wayne’s place in Durban so late, I was stressed and extremely exhausted. I tried to eat something but just picked at my food. Fatigued, I took some headache tablets and crashed.

I woke up sometime in the night, feverish, headachy, and had the squirts. Okay overshare! The stress of yesterday must have hit me hard. I lay in bed sweating yet shivering with cold at the same time. My head was pounding that I could not even put it on the pillow. I started hyper ventilating and the thoughts flashed through my mind that I am not going to wake up here. Wayne would have to call the cops to remove my body while Eleasha would have to go through my phone to find my next of kin’s numbers. Oh dear!

I woke up with the birds chirping outside along with the soft sound of rain. I was alive, but barely. I must have fallen asleep with those dark thoughts. But in the morning I seemed fine but tender. Obviously I planned to take it easy today, but since I am only going to be a day here before heading to Hilton for the week, I went out to get my headlights sorted and like a good little boy I did my fiduciary duties by visiting family members.

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