Monday, 6 November 2017

Getting her Shots

Okay it was not easy coming up with a name for this scruff muffin, well she is a beautiful calico and scruffy just didn’t do any justice. One of our limiting factors was that it should be a name is easy for the vets to spell as we didn’t want to have to spell Gallifrey or even worse Galadriel.

Yesterday was our deadline as today the little mite had to go the vets for her first shots. Having rescues we are big on being up to date with vaccinations and sterilisations. So the name we finally settled on was Rose and then it became Rosy to match Maxy, Minky and Paddy.

Now with that out of the way, this morning on our way to see Dr Andrea at Silverfields Veterinary Clinic it was meow meow all the way but once there Rosy was all alert with the unfamiliar surroundings. Rosy was good taking her vaccinations and deworming tablets but when it came to trimming those sharp little craws of hers, that is when she became a banshee.

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