Tuesday, 21 November 2017

West Rand Salute

When I saw Morné at our west Rand Connect group, my first thought was that he was here to audit our family group. Well what was I to think as he was taking notes on his phone or was that just socialising on social, uhmmm. Anyways Morné is from the Cedar Connect group near Fourways, he is still a young Christian but from what came out of his mouth, and you could say that he is an inspiring Christian with good wise words for us. Duff, if you reading this, I think we should press gang him into our group, as he would fit nicely into our not perfect family, tattoos and all.

From what I heard this evening, Morné is from the West Rand, hence here is Morné introducing me to the West Rand salute, quite different from my Durban salute of a raised right hand with the thumb and pinky sticking out and the middle fingers folded along with the words “kiff”.

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