Monday, 27 November 2017

Office Away from Home

I have setup my office at the Mugg and Bean, Midlands Mall, that is if anyone wants to meet the infamous Jerome West. I have openings in my diary from 10 till 12am Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, if anyone wants to come say hello. I promise I don't bite. The reason I am working here is that the cellphone connection is awful from Robbie’s house in Hilton, plus where else can I drink bottenless fruitlattas while I work.

The chap in the office next to me has the same idea, he even brought along a printer. Well planned boet, well planned.

Since I am in town, there are a lot of people to catch up with, Sunday afternoon it was a braai with Kevin, Rhoda and family, this afternoon I popped into to see an old friend David who moved back to Pietermaritzburg to take over the family business over 5 years ago. Interesting David and Kate now go to the One Life Church from which the church that I now go to was instrumental to seeding. I am sure that will bring a smile to Jon’s face as he reads this post.

Tonight it was Tim, Fiona, and family’s turn. We had the can’t go wrong Mac and Cheese, plus their famous Hilton Sparkle Cakes made from ice-cream. But sadly I could not savour the dessert as I had to rush as Robbie needed to get going to get to the airport on time, as Mom Cameron was flying in from Cape Town.

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