Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Leo or Pepper

Since we have new kittens added to our pack, gave me the perfect excuse to get another dog. Now I always wanted a new Italian Greyhound or Whippet but was thinking that maybe we need a bigger dog. I once visited friends Elke and Tomas, who bred wolves, their top female just had a litter of cubs.

Elkie and I went into the make-shift den, and Elke picked up one of the cubs and handed it to me, I held the cub but made the mistake of looking up, and I found mommy wolf, still laying on the same spot feeding the cubs but was staring me down. Intimidated I quickly looked down and past the little cub back to Elke. I remember Tomas once telling me that wolves aren’t aggressive but use their size to intimidate, I got it quite clear that day holding that wolf cub with my throat about a metre away from mommy wolf.

I am in the firm belief that you should have a pack with both small and big dogs. The small to be alert and the big for I got your back. Now my Italian Greyhounds are not that alert as they like to be nice a snug at night. My best friend, Robbie, who I am staying with, his 2 dogs just had puppies, The father Leo is a Belgium Shepard and mommy a German Shepard. And now I have to choose between 2 of my favourites, Little Leo, a black puppy looking a lot like his daddy, and Pepper who looks more like her mommy.

Because of my pack makeup, I would prefer a girl but like Little Leo’s colours, so now a choice has to be made Leo or Pepper.

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