Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Bald and the Beautiful

Okay bald you would know by now, but beautiful? Well yes beautiful.

Lynda and I have been welcomed into a beautiful family, no strings attached, the Connect Family headed by Lance and Kerry-Anne. Kerry as her friends' call her is shown above and Lance better known as Duff has his half in half out foot shown below. Okay before you ask about my foot and latex fetish, the foot photo was taken by Kyle who hosts the family get togethers with his wife Nicolene. If you are wondering why Duff's foot is being featured, well mainly because he is defiantly not like me with my foot always in my mouth; his feet are firmly planted on the ground; and because I can.

The Centre Church is the hub of a number of Connect groups and since we have started meeting on a Sunday morning, we have noticed a friendly rivalry of which is the best Connect group. Now I haven't been to any of the others but I must say that this Connect group may not be the best but it is sure the most beautiful family filled with beautiful peoples.

Now you might ask what about the not so beautiful, so let me clarify. Beauty is not an external superficial visual thing as the world sees it but rather an inside thing. As you can see by Duff's feet, we are ordinary people, not perfect but touched by God and changed to be beautiful in God's eyes.

Therefore I know I am bald and I am beautiful, not perfect but loved by God.

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