Friday, 10 November 2017


Lynda has been wanting a holiday for such a long that we finally managed to get a mini break away down to Clarens. It is not easy, co-ordinating each other’s diaries, arranging house, dog, and cat sitters.

On the way down to Clarens we decided to take the slow long route visiting all the small Vrystaat dorpies along the way. This drive reminded me of another lifetime, when a group of friends rode down on this same route on our Vespas on route to conquer the Sani Pass way back in 2011. Ahhhh the Posers Scooter Club.

Lynda and I stopped at Heilbrom, a small town in the middle of nowhere, and had lunch at the same restaurant as the Posers did, OJs. I couldn’t get the same table as a group of 3 Harley Davidson biker couples had it so we sat at the table next to it.

At first I was quite pleased with the Hogs conversation as it was all Christian, but during their meal, their conversation went south, quite literary, with the colourful topics starting at swingers, then moving swiftly along to lesbians, before on to sex dolls, but when topic reached floppy dildos, I ordered my bill and bid a hasty retreated.

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