Monday, 30 October 2017

Pool Buoys

A few weeks back, the hailstorm damaged our pool solar heaters on the roof and they started leaking. All this time we could not use our poor pump as the shut-off valve was not working as it should. Finally after all these weeks, our house insurance sent in the Pool Buoys to replace the damaged panels.

The installers, Boy and Mpho from the Pool Buoys arrived this morning with the new panels. The new panels are different than the old damaged ones as I was told by the assessor they don’t have that system in the country anymore and would have to order in. When the new panels were off-loaded and the old ones removed it was obvious that the new panels are bigger than the older ones, by a metre so they had to re-arrange the layout. Yay soon I will get my sparkling clean swimming pool back just in time for summer.

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