Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Sweet Jasmine

The scent of the jasmine's purple and white flowers are so beautiful to my nose, that it is one of my favourite plants in my garden. It is a pity that it is downwind from my office as I can’t get the benefit of its fragrance unless I stand right next to it.

Captain's Log: Tuesday the 24 October 2017, the day Lynda and I join a connect group. I don't remember all the names, as I am not good at remembering names but they, the Connect Group will grow on me, and soon the names will be second nature and we are one family. Oh dear, we are the oldest ones in this new small group, what happened to my old group where I was the youngest.

I really enjoyed my old BBC Home Circle group that was held at Andy and Sandy's home in Bryanston but that is now a long way away as we have moved on to a different family, the Centre Church. And even though we have moved on, it still feels like we were always part of the same family. For it is written, that we are the sweet fragrance of the Messiah to God.

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