Saturday, 14 October 2017

Rebekah is 2

Ahhh granddaughter Rebekah turns 2 today and I don’t know who is more excited Rebekah or Ganna. The terrible twos is when a 2 year old starts wearing her heart on her sleeve, in her voice, her stamping of her feet, and her crocodile tears.

Stamping of her feet, oh no, never, although when Ganna leaves, I’ve seen her throw herself onto the floor in a tantrum as she tries to show her displeasure of her Ganna Lynda leaving. Expressing her emotions is what a 2 year old is all about, so I am going to put it out there with Rebekah, the terrible twos will just be a fable, a myth, as this year although challenging, Rebekah will be the fun of the party, learning to control those emotions and have boundless curiosity learning and understanding the rules.

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