Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Assessing the Damage

Yesterday evening after the mother of storms had hit Johannesburg, social media started reporting that a tornado had touched down below the hill at Cradlestone Mall. Really, a tornado?

This morning I had to go see a client but the route was closed due to mud and ice on Wilgerood Road so I took an alternative route via Zandspruit, and yes it looked like a tornado had ripped through the informal settlement of Zandspruit. I believe Cradlestone Mall has been closed for public safety until further notice while they repair the mall BUT who is going to help these poor people living here in Zandspruit to repair their shacks they call home, who?

Although I don’t think it was an actual tornado as there are no witnesses to a funnel, the destruction due to extremely high wind was everywhere to be seen, large trees and billboards were twisted like twigs. The roof of the Toyota panel shop near Zandspruit was ripped like paper, one truck which was not overturned had a roof tile embedded into its side like a knife, and the damage was everywhere I looked.

I don't have any data but from the damage this looks like about a F2 size storm. Reports are coming in that there are fatalities and a lot of injuries and it is sad. God help us if we are ever to have a full size tornado higher than a F2 hit Jozi such as a F4 or 5.

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