Sunday, 22 October 2017

Odd One Out

Oh that is an awesome title, the Odd One out, 3 Os. Lynda and I have been seeking a spiritual home for some time now, somewhere where Lynda’s daughter and granddaughter can feel at home too. We were told about this imperfect church in Northriding by an old friend from the BBC Men’s Group days and decided to give it a try since we are imperfect too.

We have been going to Centre Church for about a month now and it is growing on us, can I say that? On the one side of the hall where we meet in Banbury Crossing, has this missing light ever since we have being coming here. Yes, just one globe missing, the odd one out, it is a perfect example of an imperfect me. By the way area where Banbury Crossing centre is has always been known as a drug den, it even has been exposed on Carte Blanche.

Anyways, like a light on a hill, God has drawn us here, for what reason I don’t know as I don’t even sport a tattoo as I think is a requirement. No that must be wrong; the requirement is that we know that none of us is perfect in this broken world. The Spirit convicted us that we are most loved, even the Father knows my name. So as we draw near to the Light, His son, Jesus, holds our hand as He stands beside us before the perfect Father God.

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