Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Illegal Dumping

Coming home today, I notice this white double cab pickup reversing up to one of our green belts in our neighbourhood of Roodekrans in Elkie Road. It looked suspicious with it being loaded with garden refuse and other rubble in the bin.

I did a u-turn and from a distance watched the driver get out, open the bin and proceed to dump. I then quickly phoned the Roodekrans Neighbourhood Watch chairperson, Andreas, and asked him about the legality of what I was witnessing.

Yes, it is illegal and Andreas asked me to get a photo of the driver and the vehicle’s licence plate.

So I drove up right next to the illegal dumping and proceeded to take photos. The driver then stopped what he was doing and came over armed with his broom, to try stop me taking photos. I told him it was illegal what he was doing; he apologised, said he was from Soweto and he didn’t know it was illegal to dump on the side of the road. While he confronted me, the photos of the driver and the vehicle’s licence plate were being sent off to the Roodekrans Neighbourhood Watch. He then walked back to his pick up, closed the bin and drove off.

By this time a Roodekrans Neighbourhood Watch car arrived and escorted him out of our neighbourhood carrying most of his load.

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