Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Dominie se Visit

Jon, the pastor at Centre Church, came a house calling this morning at 8am. Now I don’t have a Dominie se Kamer, an Afrikaans traditional 2nd sitting room in the house that is set up for visitors especially the dominie or in English the pastor. A large family bible is normally on display open as if being read and the special room is never used other than for visitors. Now we don’t have one of these special sitting rooms as we live life warts and all.

I did say to Jon, "anytime", and when he said 8am, I answered "how about I do a breakfast?" Awesomeness! Okay I usually cook an awesome breakfast in bed on the weekends, but "in bed" won’t do for the dominie, now will it. So I set up a table on the deck which turned out neat, well in my books it is especially for breaking bread with the dominie.

Once Jon arrived, I made him a lekker cup of Nespresso coffee with frothy milk, then proceeded to rustle up some breakfast while we chatted, before moving onto the deck. It was like all the birds in the area seem to know that Jon is an avid birdie and came to visit. Okay not all but quite a few.

Two hours later, as Jon drove off to his next dominie’s visit, I suddenly realised that I enjoyed the visit so much that I forgot to take a photo of Jon for my daily blog. Eish I am getting slack in my old age. Oh well 2nd prize, a photo of the simple table setting with the view.

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Jon Anderson said...

What a cracking morning!! Those eggs.... those eggs.... all other eggs pale before the glory of those eggs 😉

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