Sunday, 1 October 2017

Broken Glass

Last night at about 20 to 7, I was outside by my front gate with my tenant when I heard glass breaking coming from across the road. The house had just become empty with new people moving in this week. I walked across the street towards the house and got halfway when the alarm went off. THERE WERE PEOPLE BREAKING IN!

I did a prompt u-turn and left back to the safety of my home. I phoned my security, the neighbourhood watch, and the owners straight away. My security was on the scene in minutes, way before the neighbour’s security even arrived. All the neighbours were now on high alert.

This morning I went into the house with the owner to access the damage. Managed burglar bars and broken glass from where the burglars had smashed their way into an empty house. They must have been hoping that the new tenants would have moved in and this would be an easy score for them but they got nothing.

It is obvious that they are watching the houses from the veldt as this very house was broken into the night the owner moved in a few years back. The same happened to another neighbour a few houses down and on the night I moved in, our alarm was triggered. Since March when I cut the wattle trees down, attempts into my property and my neighbours dropped to nil. In the last month there have been 4 attempts so far including this one. THIS HAS TO STOP!

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