Thursday, 19 October 2017

Marcel Duval

Marcel was one of Matthew’s closest friends and sadly 2 years ago on the 2 October 2015 he was tragically killed. The loss of this young man was devastating to his family and to his close group of friends. So why am I writing about Marcel Duval, well this would have been his final year of High School and the end of the year Honours Function at Ashton International College which is tonight is dedicated to this young man who was taken away at such a young age.

Gone and never forgotten is the theme for tonight as the young children receive their honours, trophies, and certificates for the year 2017. The Marcel Duval Memorial Trophy Best Chess Player is dedicated to the memory of Marcel who along with Matthew loved the game of chess.

Matthew honoured his close friend by this year becoming the school’s Best Chess Player of the Year 2017. Along with winning the trophy received his full colours for Chess as well as for Drama.

Well done Matthew, and Marcel you are not forgotten.

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