Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Dancing over Snakes

We woke early this morning but I stayed in bed drinking my coffee and checking out social media while Lynda got up to get ready for work. It wasn’t long when I heard screams coming from the other end of the house.

Jumping out of bed, and a half naked dash across to where the screams where coming from is not what anyone would unsee in a hurry. I found Lynda frantically questioning me to why I took so long to get there as there is a snake by the back door. Apparently she stepped right over it to give the dogs some treats and Tiger the cat pointed out the snake at her feet. She screamed and danced over the snake back into the safety of the house.

Ohhh what a beautiful baby Brown House Snake. Look at this cutie pie. This one beauty must have been born last summer and it is now out and about looking for food. I picked her up and carried her to Lynda who was much calmer now. She stroked the little thing and I pointed out the identity stripes on her head. Lynda distracted the cats while I found a nice safe place for the snake in our garden.

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