Sunday, 13 November 2011

Gout Cocktail

I limped into the chemist this morning to get some relief from this awful pain. The pharmacist reached for this pre-prepared cocktail of pills labelled gout which he said will make me feel right as rain within 15 mins. Well it took an hour and my left ankle was feeling much better but by evening the gout was returning. I don't think I will be able to live on pills. I have cut out most common known gout causing foods and drinks already. What else, maybe the dairy products next.


Unknown said...

dairy is good for gout,dont cut it out,I suffer for year,dairy is good

Debageo Italian Greyhounds said...

hi jerome try puricos to keep your gout away ! you need a script for it but it's not expensive and it stops the regular attacks and drastic gout cocktails - Bruce swears by it - ask your GP. best wishes Diane.

Anonymous said...

I know it is a bit late for me to comment, seeing as your post was in 2011, but here goes anyway.

Don't buy just a single dose of the gout cocktail, get at leat 4, and take every 12 hours, but be sure to drink lots of water, as the cocktails are hard on your liver and kidneys. It's what I do.

Gout cocktails are for after you already have the affliction, for prevention, try puricos.

M. Whitfield

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