Monday, 14 May 2018

Breakfast Meeting

We have this solar geyser on the roof above our bedroom. Now this model has this temperature release valve that allowed water to drip out when the temperature got close to freezing and last night it did. In the morning the dripping got a little too fast and we were very concerned that water was wasting so in first light I went out to check and came straight back in.

"There is water everywhere", I said to Lynda, "what, where is it coming from", queried Lynda in a shocked tone with her mind rushing on possibilities of how to claim from insurance. "From the sky", answered I. It was raining and we weren't even the wiser.

The rain was making me just wanting to stay in bed. Ahhhh a duvet day is all I need now but I was needed at BankservAfrica. Due the cold rain, I couldn't use the Vespa to beat the traffic into downtown Jozi, I had to use the pickup to fight the rush hour traffic.

I arrived at Bankserv Africa, a little late, with Gary and Madelyn eagerly waiting me and what way to start the week with a breakfast meeting with these 2. 

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