Thursday, 3 May 2018


The other day I met a lovely lady called Zenobia. She has a stall called Farmgirl Ribbons and her husband Herman is a local boer (farmer) towards Brandford, if my memory serves me correctly. Now Zenobia was so keen on hearing my experiences in Bloemfontein and wanted to know if I tried any of the local cuisines. At the time of asking, sadly I wasn't brave enough to try anything strange but the challenge was set.

Okay this eina looking thing is Zenobia's favourite at the show, a Piesang Karamel. It is a banana on a stick that has been dipped in caramel. Very sweet, I can taste why many are queuing up for this delicacy.

Another local treat is a Do-Fill. It is a crispy pastry stuffed with caramel. What is with all this caramel? Where is the biltong en vleis? 

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