Friday, 4 May 2018

Mighty Small Demo

With very little budget allocated, it was amazing that the South African Airforce could get a Saab JAS 39C Gripen into the air for a flypast in Bloemfontein in today's Mighty Small Demo. Don't get me wrong, all we need is budget and we can go places. 

This city has 4 major groups of people, the university students, the surrounding farmers, government officials, and the military. 

The military here play a major part as it is home to the 1st SA Infantry and the Parachute regiment, the School of Armour along with the Tank regiment. Not to forget it is also home to the Helicopter Flying School. So along with the students, the farmers, bureaucrat workers, there were the soldiers and their toys. South Africa produced some awesome Mine Resistance vehicles do to the necessity of the Bush War and the Arms Embargo. Some of them are in the US Marines. 

Above is the Ratel ZT3. it is an infantry fighting vehicle that has been converted as a anti-tank missile carrier. Below is the Atlas Oryx helicopter flying in UN colours demonstrating delivering troops. 

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