Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Headmaster Duff

Ahhh Headmaster Duff, demonstrating his normal during a day at the office, drinking coffee on the go. It is strange having a friend who is also a headmaster of a school, I mean he is normal in a weird kind of way. Being a friend to a headmaster goes to show my age.

I remember my headmaster, the late Mr Rowe at Port Shepstone High. I mean he cut a intimidating character to us teenagers but I am sure he too was a down to earth person just as my friend Lance who is clearly setting the example of what headmasters are actually. Human. 

I remember in my Standard 9 year (Grade 11 for the young at heart) at Sheppie, when we History students set up a protest for "Less Homework" as an experiment of crowd behaviour. Other than our class, our History teacher Ms Naude, and our headmaster Mr Rowe knew about it. It was an unforgettable protest as the teachers locked themselves in the staffroom. Thank goodness there were no cell-phones at the time and just commandeering the switchboard was all that was required in stopping the news of our protest getting out to the police. Ahh headmasters.

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