Friday, 21 July 2017

Sunrise ANC

Strange title, Sunrise ANC, but it has nothing to do the African National Congress’ sunrise, all will be revealed below.

Okay Matthew had two requests for his holidays, one was to spend a few hours on the beach at night and the other was to see the sunrise from the beach. Last night Matthew, Bradley, and myself, had a boys night out. First we had supper at C-Bali restaurant at St Michaels just because previously when we had lunch there 2 days ago, Bradley fancied one of the waitresses. So this called for another visit so that he could strike up a conversation but sadly she wasn’t on duty. Later on we ended up in Margate but it was just about dead there.

This morning Matthew and I got up at 4 in the morning and went down to Shelly Beach to watch the ski-boats launch into the rising sun. It was impressive watch these brave men launch small little boats into the ocean. First to head out just be sunrise was the Sharks Board to check on the shark nets, followed by the fishermen and the chartered boats.

So far this post has been all about ski-boats launching into the sunrise, where does the African National Congress come in. well... Later on we went to Shelly Mall to get some shopping done and while there we stumbled upon this book for sale, Reason to Vote ANC. Now I have heard all about this best seller and have seen photographs but it was the first time I saw one in the flesh.


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