Monday, 7 May 2018

Not a Good Place

I left early this morning, headed to Pretoria to pick up Matthew at his university res and I took him down to Boksburg to see Carol, his mother. Carol is not well and we got a message yesterday that she became critical condition and was hospitalised. 

We arrived at the hospital expecting the worse but thank God, Carol has stabilised. Although she can not talk nor has any ability to move much, Matthew spent the morning with his mom, just talking to her and playing with her hair. I feel she heard Matthew and turned her head towards him. She must have recognised Matthew and tried to speak. 

The doctors are not sure what happened to Carol as the CT scans show nothing abnormal. Currently the doctors are re-hydrating her in hope that she comes right by her self.

Matthew is trying to stay brave but deep down I can sense he is devastated. 

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