Tuesday, 22 May 2018


What is with me and queues today? First was the City of Joburg to try sort out our water issue and afterwards Home Affairs to pick up my documentation. Oh well that is my day virtually written off. You know come to think of it waiting in queues is an art form. Not everyone has the patience and ability to stand in long rows just waiting. The trick is to keep your mind busy, don't let it rage inside as it will only consume you. Breathe in. Breathe out.

A few people in front of me is a lady who apparently self exploded yesterday in this very queue and now she is back waiting in the same queue. Now she is a perfect example of what not to do in a queue as it just makes those who are there to help you not wanting to be there plus if their day is messed up be assured that they will make everyone else's day messed up too. Thankfully she was on her best behaviour today, but she had to tell her captive audience all what happened yesterday, yet here she is.

In front of me is a very quiet lady, not looking up once from here e-book that she was reading and behind me was this gogo going by the name of Goqwana. Ah this Xhosa gogo knew how to master the long queues by bringing along her knitting. Striking up a conversation as one does in queues, I found her to be quite an intelligent gogo even helping me get the pronunciation of the Xhosa click q. She said that at her age she has to keep her mind busy hence she has taken up knitting blankets. Oh sorry I forgot my non South African readers, a gogo is not erotic style of dancing but the South African word for grandmother. 

This queue at Home Affairs was quite diverse as the Chairman of an large international audit firm joined the queue a few people behind me. I am not going to mention names, but we recognised each other, as we knew each other from Bryanston Bible Church. iT goes to show no matter who you are, at Home Affairs you have to queue. Thankfully today's queues did not take too long.

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