Saturday, 23 December 2017

Where’s Granny

Robynne was very busy at work as it was the last day, so Lynda and I picked up granddaughter Rebekah so that Robynne can have a chance to finish up at the office.

First we went shopping as final presents needed to be purchased, and then it was home. Thankfully as the shops were getting way too crowded for my liking. Once home I had to get Matthew back to Benoni so that he can spend Christmas with his mother, brother, sister, nieces and nephews.

And finally I got back home, Rebekah was sleeping and Lynda was busy cleaning the home of which the state had gone past the tolerable state. Then Bradley phone, he needed to be picked up. Ahhh like ships in the night, Lynda left and I well I was left with sleeping Rebekah.

Now trust Rebekah to wake up and started looking for granny. To solve the problem of no granny I picked her up and we both started looking for granny, going from room to room and finally into the garden, no granny but by this time Rebekah was having fun with granddad. Around the pool and no granny behind the tree, oh look there is a cat up the tree.

And finally back on the deck, sitting each in our own chairs, Rebekah with her juice and biscuit, and me with mine. Listening to the birds and of course the cats came closer to investigate too.

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