Friday, 1 December 2017

Bang the End is Nigh

My holiday is starting to come to an end with Matthew getting picked up tomorrow for the long haul back to Jozi. I just hope that it is smoother sailing than the trip down.

With temperatures hitting 35˚C and upwards, trust me to head down into the humid harbour basin of Durban. Luckily Wayne had an answer, a braai by the pool. It wasn’t long after the braai when a mother of thunderstorms hit us. Not so much rain but the electricity discharge was very unsettling to say the least. One strike, light up the sky in an orange flash, 2 seconds later the pressure wave hit us with a bang. My first thought, we are under attack, as that was surely not lightning. With windows rattling, I call it a night, as it is going to be a long day tomorrow.

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