Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Gift of Giving

Okay, Matthew pointed out this Durex advert especially the next board with 2 boxes of condoms with Christmas hats. So what do condoms have to do with giving of gifts? Maybe stopping a person getting an unwanted gift? Matthew even chirped that they might be Christmas flavoured condoms. Eeuw! The gift of giving.

These sex billboards are getting out of hand, for example on the N14 near Cradlestone, there is one by the Department of health that states, "I rather give my clients pleasure than HIV". What is it we trying tell our youth? There are vibrator and condom ads on nearly every street corner and lately a new trailer trash one from Prodate that has this sexy lady in lingerie lying on a pile of cash with the tag line "Get Paid to Date". So now we have ads for escorts. Where is this going to end?

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