Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Last Jedi

Uhmmm Matthew and I finally went and saw the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, and well we have mixed feelings. The movie was well done but to me it felt way too long and I was over it long before the end. Oh deary me. Beam me up Scotty before a wanna to be Jedi comes to finish me off. Anyways I am sure this new movie will inspire a whole new generation of kids to the galaxy far, far away as the latest Star Trek franchise, Discovery, is also not so good. But will the kids actually be as excited about Star Wars as we were as kids? Matthew was like sure dad. I'll go with you to watch that movie from the franchise that you adored as a kid as he rolls his eyes. He wanted to rather go watch the latest Jackie Chan movie The Foreigner. At least it has Pierce Brosnan.

It is sad to say that the best part for me was the little Oliver Twist character at the end with the broom. The Force is still alive. Goodbye Carrie Fisher. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

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