Sunday, 3 December 2017

River Song

I arrived safely home last night and today is a day of rest and thanksgiving for journey mercies. One of my tasks today was to put a temporary fence up to stop our new addition from falling into the swimming pool until she is big enough to get out of pool by herself. Lynda’s job is to come up with a name for the little ewok.

After going through so many names, Lynda settled on River, and I added the timeless twist to it by adding a Song. Welcome River Song to our family. Her father Leo is a jet black Belgian Shepherd and her mommy Tasha is a regal German Shepherd who liked to bare her teeth at me as she feared I would take one of her 8 puppies, whatever gave her that idea?

Believe me it is not all happy family timelord reunions as River Song did not live up to her Dr Who name on the first day or does she? First of all last night was like having a big baby that needed to be let out to play at 2 in the ruddy morning. Then River Song has a knack of getting into tight situations that she can’t get out of without a sonic screwdriver. And since I don’t have a sonic screwdriver nor a light sable, I had to break the floorboards of the pool deck open as somehow River Song managed to get herself stuck under the deck. Note for tomorrow: make sure the temporary fence excludes the pool deck from puppy.

Let’s hope first time impressions don’t last and her cuteness shines brighter everyday as she grows from a wibby, wobbly ewok to a true timelord’s companion.

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