Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Ultra Dog

Ultra Dog? Is this a way to get past Gary’s anti cat posts? I suppose so as this post should have been called Ultra Cat not Dog, where is the dog? Anyways it was time to take Minky, Paddy, and Rosy to the vet for their routine checkups, vaccinations, rabies, and de-worming but somehow both Minky and Paddy got to hear about the planned trip to the vet and did a disappearing act. Fortunately kitten Rosy hasn’t been that often, this being her 2nd visit, and did not know what was in stall.

The vet Andrea is not as scary as the drive in the car. Wow what a sing song Rosy gave the whole 2km drive. Once there Rosy was back to her inquisitive self but moaning as soon as the car started for the drive back home.

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