Saturday, 2 December 2017

Sea Urchins

Saying goodbye to the beach, I don’t enjoy the humidity but I am fascinated by the small and wonderful creatures in the tidal pools. It was a massive storm last night and arriving at Rocky Bay to pick up the boys, I discovered that it was low tide, a perfect opportunity for me to scrounge on the rocks while Matthew wakes up and packs his stuff into the pickup. I was hoping to find a octopus or eel but came across a number of sea urchins instead.

From the coast, I had to pick up our latest addition to our family, one of Robbie’s puppies, a female cross Belgium Sheppard with a German Sheppard puppy called Pepper. Well we have until Monday to come up with its forever name as that is when it gets put into the official records.

With the sea behind us, the kilometres flew past and without any events, we arrived safely home, thank the Lord.

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