Monday, 28 August 2017

Weimar Republic

The side of my house is starting to look like the Weimar Republic, full of holes being dug only to be filled again.

In April my side kitchen drain got blocked up due to roots and now again in August, 5 months later it is blocked again. Trio Plumbing was called out and at first they did not succeed it getting past the roots. Oh dear so many trees in my yard but I think I have identified the tree responsible.

To help find another inspection eye as mine are all hidden under ground I got my gardener to dig in strategic areas according to the plans but sadly after 4 holes dug, no sewer was found. Either the builders put the sewer in a different place than to the plans or we are not going deep enough.

Anyway finally after the plumbers got a bigger machine they got through the roots. Now to make double sure where the pipes are in the future and to correctly identify the tree causing the problem I will need to organise a camera to be put down the sewer line.

I better start filling up those holes again. Why the Weimar Republic, well during the 2 world wars, Germany was named the Weimar Republic. While the Great Depression was in full swing, hyperinflation and unemployment was rife in Germany.

It was in this economic crisis that the unemployed were organised into teams where one team set out to dig holes and then the next day another team arrived just to refill the holes, all in an effect to keep the destitute working even though money was worthless at the time. This became a fertile breeding ground for the Nazis.

Seeing the fruitless holes that were dug with no success, knowing that I need to come the next day and refill them, reminded me of the Weimar Republic.

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