Friday, 25 August 2017

Pink Power

I bought Lynda a Romoss 20,000mAh Power Bank for Christmas last year and a few weeks back it started giving hassle. The power bank was charging up but was not charging any devices, odd, maybe some loose connection. It was just over 6 months old so I took it back to Makro, the place where I bought it, and they forwarded it to be checked out by the supplier. On Wednesday, I got a SMS from Makro, that it was issuing me a refund, more likely they could not fix the problem. I need to replace the power bank as Lynda is currently using mine.

Still not feeling 100% and starting to feel a little down, yes I know that it is Friday, so the only thing to get me back up in the spirits is a little retail therapy but first to I had to sort out Lynda’s power bank.

I got the refund but Makro did not have any stock of the Romoss 20,000mAh Power Bank, so I settled for 2 pink power banks. Although they both were only 5,000mAh power banks, they were pink which means not only girl power but they won’t get mixed up with my white one. Yay no more arguments about getting the power banks mixed up.

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