Sunday, 6 August 2017

Cat's in the Cradle

Who was singing "cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon" to me yesterday? Uhmmm I can't remember, maybe it was Bradley, my memory is going but for now we have a cat called Princess in a tub rather than a cradle. After a rather busy Saturday of board games, I needed a day of rest just to catch up before hitting Monday running.

So while I rest still nursing my headache that just doesn't seem to leave me in peace, my thoughts go out my son, Matthew. He would have enjoyed yesterday’s board games, pity that he is so far away. I had a good chat with Anika during our board games, as her son Brendon also wants to go the Belgium Campus iTversity too, oh well I better put the feelers out to friends and family in Belgium to find out more about this university. I only want the best for my boy who is growing up just like me.

The words of my beloved granny came flooding back with the words "silver spoon", as I remember her once saying that she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth but a wooden spoon on her arse. Oh dear what is going wrong with me today as my thoughts are jumping from one note to another and not in a portamento kind of way. And now to that day way back in Kokstad, when I was a little boy washing dishes, and my sister complained that I was not rinsing the soap suds off. After warning me twice, my dad jumped up in frustration of my whining sister and grabbed the closest thing to use to give a hiding, which was a wooden spoon. It broke and I burst out laughing not to my arse's benefit I must say as it just intensified my punishment.

Oh my memories now start to fade, as in darkness I begin to mumble the words of the song over a splitting headache...

In not too far distance I too will be singing this song, which I can’t get out of my mind today, when you coming home, son. I don’t know when but we’ll get together then, you know we’ll have a good time then.

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