Saturday, 26 August 2017

No Hooting Please Flick Lights

It is the end of an era as the Doll House Roadhouse which has been an iconic symbol for many since 1936 is going to be demolished at the end of this month. I was last there over a decade ago and even then it wasn’t much to write home about as the area has degraded over time.

There was a public campaign to save the Doll House and its memories but here we are just a week to go and the Doll House will be no more. So over the last few weekends and this one, groups of old timers congregated at the Doll House for one last hamburger with greasy fries and a double thick milkshake.

Lynda and I, psyched ourselves up, and drove across into town for a last roadhouse meal and milkshake at the Doll House but when we arrived there it was packed. By packed I mean cars were parked up and down the street and people were queuing to order at the window. What happened to sitting in your car, window half rolled down with a steel try attached, and eating greasy roadhouse food?

It look like most of Joburg wanted a roadhouse meal one last time, No hooting please flick lights and a waiter (not in roller skates) will come take your order. A Blondie with a double thick lime milkshake please.

In the end, it was just too crowded for us and we just had to move along. Sad in a way but we just don’t do crowds very well and so we ended up at the Turn ‘n Tender on William Nicol for a good wholesome ribeye steak and beer. Cheers Doll House!

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