Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Niche Breakfast

After yesterdays rant, I think that I need a breather, so today a shorter post.

Because of the viral nature my raw sewerage post went, I somehow have fallen into the camp of the conservation, not a bad place to be in, I must say so myself. So now we are fighting for the Greater Roodekrans Ridge Conservancy from King’s Kloof to Constantia Kloof. I phoned a friend today about Crowd Funding on another environmental project, this friend has always been adamant that my blogs have been far too short, said to me on the phone, that I have now found my niche for my blog; no more cat photos said my friend. Oh dear.

Anyway, today I had to see my client, Metalcross for our monthly debriefing sessions and after waiting for a while, it was cold this morning, Frank, the owner phoned to apologise and invited me to meet him for breakfast. Now I can’t say no to breakfast, how can I. It was a good breakfast although I didn't quite know what that green fried leaves in the mini bucket were for.

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