Thursday, 28 June 2018

Turn the Lights On

It is going to snow. Yes this street light at the end of our street, right outside my home has not worked since we moved in, nearly one and a half years ago. I have reported it to City Power on numerous occasions, yes I have all the reference numbers should you request, after reporting it again yesterday, guess who showed up today. Yes you guessed it, give the dog a done, City Power turned up to repair the non working street light.

After discovering that electricity was not getting to the light pole, they discovered that the wires had burned out at the light pole before this one. A quick repair, and...

Nothing. electricity is now getting to the bottom of the pole but not reaching to top where it is needed. After changing the globe it still was not working, so they deduced that it must be the actual light fitting. So they promise to return again on Monday with a new light fitting. 

So I am actually looking forward to having some light at the cul-de-sac as it would shed light at the gate into the veldt.  

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