Sunday, 24 June 2018

Protea Stump

Yesterday a huge bush fire erupted from an illegal ZCC church gathering on private land. This fire just about decimated the grazing of the endangered Mountain Reedbuck. The teams that went in to stop the fire were shocked to find 12 illegal pilgrim groups, over 200 cut down protea trees, and to make matters worse, a dead Mountain Reedbuck was found in a snare. :-(

This morning I went into the portion of veldt outside my home, I found only a pilgrim couple praying on my side but on the other side of the valley, it was dotted with pilgrims very 100m or so. I found a number of cut protea trees too, this one stump shown above which was cut down some time ago is struggling to regrow and it doesn't help if the branches are broken off regularly. 

This has to stop!

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