Monday, 11 June 2018

Care Centre Fail

Winter is in full swing and I had to go refill a gas bottle for the heater. Driving up to the gas depot, I drove over a number of electrical cables running across the road leading up to the depot on Albertina Sisulu Road. Looking around all I could see was illegal connections everywhere. It is so bad that they are even hanging dangerously close to a children's day care centre at is situated right next to the Princess Squatter Camp. 

No wonder Eskom wants to push the price up for electricity and at the same time refuse to give their employees a pay increase. No wonder there is a potential downing of tools by our electrical monopoly's employees. 

I mean I drove over some live cables, and they run straight into the squatter camp at a dangerously low height. Surely this is a no go area for even the police with all the electrical death traps. God forbid a child should get electrocuted.

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