Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Today is elections and we can all guess who will win but we can make a difference. 4000 people are registered to vote at our voting station in Norscott Manor. Compared to the last elections the queue is four times longer. Last time I only waited about half an hour but talk was that we will be waiting for over two hours but in reality Matthew and I only stood for an hour and a half. Not bad. We must put a stop to the fat cats who are ruining our country and hood winking the masses with false promises. For example JZ said that he will halt the Rapid Transport System until further talks. But we all know that it has to be completed before the next year for the FIFA Soccer World Cup. The taxi drivers are now happy with this and will vote for JZ. My take on this is that JZ is saying that the taxi drivers are stupid enough to believe he can stop the promises made to FIFA to win the world cup then let them be so dim. I can see more taxi protests on the way before this is over.

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