Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Don’t get Angry get Even

Today was not a good day as I came this close (hand showing a small gap between my fingers) to being fired from Metrorail for doing something stupid. Yes I know that my contact is near the end of its life and I haven't got much to loose but this is not me. A certain person, X (name with held) was pushing all the right buttons to get me over the edge and just continued even after I started to raise my voice. I was fuming and wanted to lash out but Leon kept me doing the wrong thing by saying it wasn’t personal it is just X’s personality. I just went for a walk just to calm down. I stopped by a friend just to get things off my chest and I came away with don’t get angry get even. But the more I replayed the day in my mind, the more I realised that this is not me as I was above this pettiness. I can joke about it but I don’t need to get even. It is already taken care of. I must just move on and forget. While all this was going on today a new lady started in Keba’s place today (photo above). Oh my goodness I have already forgotten her name. Just shows you what a day it has been.

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Mariposa said...

yikes! i'm glad you're over that day. She looks like a "Delores" lol

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