Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sleep Apnoea

So tonight is the night. It is the first time I am in a hospital overnight as a patient since I was walked out as a baby many many years ago. This time I have been booked into the Sleep Lab at Sunninghill Hospital for overnight sleep apnoea screening.

By late afternoon I started getting butterflies as I was not exactly sure what to expect when I arrived at the Sleep and Neurophysiology Centre’s laboratory. There is a 3 quarter size bed on one side and this machine with wires pouring out on the other.

Somehow things felt a little disorientated as I didn’t know the processes going forward and had to ask the orderly Patrick what now. Patrick shift ends at six and he has to super glue all the electrodes onto me before he leaves. Yes super glue, you heard correctly. Once the wires where all set up I cannot move more than a metre from the bed. Toilet has to be done in this silver jug that was brought to the bedside. Oh dear I get rather thirsty at night and drink water which means a number of toilet walks normally except tonight a jug has to suffice.

So before all the wiring up happened, I had to shower and dejectedly the shower was a long walk down the passage past all the other wards. Talk about a walk of shame. What happened to a private ward? First toilet in a bottle and this, oh this is so undignified.

Lets pray that they get to the bottom of what is wrong with me so that they can plan for the fixing of me. Anyways this is a good night from me at hospital to get some sleep.

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