Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Kiss

Who remembers the Shoop Shoop song, it's in his kiss, that's where it is, in the kiss. Yeah River Song and Rosy show how it is done, in the dog and cat kiss. This is like Romeo and Juliet, the 2 are sneaking a kiss without any of the other dogs and cats seeing. Uhmmm but I saw, them.

Does he love me, I want to know
How can I tell if he loves me so
Is it in his eyes, oh no you'll be deceived
Is it in his eyes, oh no you'll make believe
If you want to know, if he loves you so
It's in his kiss
That's where it is, oh yeah

It is in the kiss!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Made in China

Looking back over the weekend, I find it hard to believe that my best friend Robbie was up from Pietermarizburg and stayed over, yet there is no mention of him in my weekend posts, uhmmm. Okay Robbie I suppose you are grateful because you don't like your photo taken.

Anyways with 2 weeks till month end, I better get cracking. So first thing is off to see a client downtown. Walking up the steps of to get to the factory office I pasted this bag of Polyac ABS resin from a Chinese company called Chimei, just standing there on a landing corner along with a mop, bucket, and a worn out broom.

On the way out, as I past the bag of resin that was covered in Chinese writing, I thought of my photo a day shot. Not much of a composition but that is how I found them. Anyways it brings the stark reality of the Chinese colonisation that is quietly taking over the world, even in the little cleaning things. Still not sure what the resin was there for. Maybe it was just the bag that was getting reused in the cleaning.  

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Our Song

Ahhh Father's Day, another commercial day like the many others which companies have exploited to the hilt but today it was good just spending time with Matthew my son before I had to take him back to varsity in Pretoria. 

The song we remember each other is from the late Avicii, it is our song forever, these are the nights that never die. The following are Avicii's words which are now ours...

Hey, once upon a younger year when all our shadows disappeared, the animals inside came out to play. Hey, when face to face with all our fears, learned our lessons through the tears. Made memories we knew would never fade. One day my father, he told me, "Son, don't let it slip away". He took me in his arms, I heard him say, "When you get older your wild life will live for younger days. Think of me if ever you're afraid." He said, "One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember." My father told me when I was just a child, these are the nights that never die. My father told me when thunder clouds start pouring down, light a fire they can't put out. Carve your name into those shinning stars. He said, "Go venture far beyond the shores. Don't forsake this life of yours. I'll guide you home no matter where you are."

My father told me these are the nights that never die, my father told me...

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Youth of Today

The youth of today never had it so good yet at the same time never had it so bad. I mean, we never had all these electronic goods that nearly every kid now have when we grew up. We used to play outside and our parents struggled to get us back in, whereas now it is the other way round. You try get any of today's kids outside to play with their cellphone or tablet.

Anyways today in South Africa is Youth Day, where we honour the struggle the kids went through in apartheid South Africa. Now the youth of today have a better South Africa or have they? 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Puppy Proof

I suppose nothing is puppy proof but I have to try. Matthew and I went out and bought these wattle fencing to encircle our wash line and vegetable garden because River Song who is now 8 months old is one destructive puppy.

No washing on the wash line is safe and you should see the state of our once magnificent vegetable garden, it is a desert, a dust bowl of nothingness, hence the new endeavour of making it puppy proof.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Being Frank

Let me be frank with you, today is my birthday and driving back home after spending the majority of my day with Frank working on his company's website, Metal Cross, I thought wow, this has being a very productive day and I felt good, real good, something that I have not felt for a long time.

Yes, we men need to feel that we have accomplished something, that we are providing for the family, like my one friend Mike likes to say, "going out and killing the bull". we want to feel that our lives are not just meaningless but have a purpose. 

So the best part of my day today, was that I was working.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wash Machine

Oh my goodness, I had a wash machine fail today. I am not sure why a lot of soup suds came pouring out of the top of my wash machine. So here I am standing in front of my wash machine and my thoughts went to my favourite statistician, the late Hans Rosling, who did my favourite talk about the wash machine. See the talk here

Okay have you watched the video? To a lot of people in Africa, a wash machine is a luxury as they live below the poverty line, not like me who lives above the wash line but below the air line. Well I not sure how long my wash machine will last at this rate.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Cake Soup Bread, awesome name for a band baby, a band. Matthew tried his hand baking a cake and this is the result... a chocolate cake smothered in pink icing. I haven't tried any of it yet, that I will save it for a few days time as I think Matthew's first cake will be better then ;-) 

This evening we had a Soup and Pudding evening at Connect group. Yip butternut soup yummy, finished off with more yummiest bread and butter pudding. Not sure that is an actual word yummiest but if not now it is, yummiest!

Forget about who has the best Connect group in the Centre Church, for us at the West Rand Connect, there is no competition, we can't compete with the others but we do know we are a flawed group of people that call each other family. We have a long way to go but soup and pudding helps us to be blessed to be a blessing.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Care Centre Fail

Winter is in full swing and I had to go refill a gas bottle for the heater. Driving up to the gas depot, I drove over a number of electrical cables running across the road leading up to the depot on Albertina Sisulu Road. Looking around all I could see was illegal connections everywhere. It is so bad that they are even hanging dangerously close to a children's day care centre at is situated right next to the Princess Squatter Camp. 

No wonder Eskom wants to push the price up for electricity and at the same time refuse to give their employees a pay increase. No wonder there is a potential downing of tools by our electrical monopoly's employees. 

I mean I drove over some live cables, and they run straight into the squatter camp at a dangerously low height. Surely this is a no go area for even the police with all the electrical death traps. God forbid a child should get electrocuted.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday Carwash

It has been a strange day, this Sunday. We arrived at church this morning only to find out that we did not get the memo, church has been cancelled!

Okay not cancelled, just the one service which we were going to, oh dear. Never mind Jon gave us a personal one on one church. And since we were down the hill, we took the long way home via the car wash. Nothing like a clean car to get your hopes back up, nothing.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Leaning Tower of Burger

Leaning tower burger of no respect. Since Matthew had to missed a test due to his mom's passing, a rewrite was scheduled for this morning. I picked him up afterwards and we went to breakfast. Other than sushi, our other soul food is chicken burgers from KFC, especially the Tower Rounder.

Well today the tower was leaning very alarmingly that Matthew promptly stated that it was the Leaning Tower of Burger.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Super Lynda

Ahhh Super Lynda. She wasn't feeling well for a few days now and yesterday she just couldn't get out of bed. After a day in bed just like the doctor ordered, this super woman was rearing to go this morning, not. Yes hell might have freezed over this morning but the cold wasn't going to keep this good woman down. Armed with a scarf and bennie, she was on the go since the un-godly hours this morning and now she wakes me up with a cup of goodness.

Thank you for the coffee, now off you go, as you were.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Didn't Think

I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Maxy, my oldest Italian Greyhound, has this growth near his inner ear. It is quite painful if he bumps his head or opens his mouth too wide. Now with the boisterous River Song, my large 6 month old German Cross Belgium Shepherd puppy, just running around like a tank, Maxy has been keeping out of her way which is mostly up in the upstairs part of the dog house and he now hardly ventures out. Giving him soft foods have been a mission trying keep the other dogs away.

That was until today, my brain wave. The now defunct vegetable garden, ruined by River Song, and the washing line is enclosed off to the dogs, so I put a small doghouse that wasn't in use inside this enclosure and put Maxy inside. Now he can eat in peace and do one of his favourite things, bask in the sun as the vegetable garden gets lovely morning sun but by mid afternoon it gets cold which means I have to transfer him back to the heated dog house later.

He seems to perk up nicely now that he has his own patch of sun.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


On a Geek friend's chat group which I belong, someone posted "If your life just got a little harder, that probably means you just levelled up". What no fanfare and what sorts from levelling up in life? *I tilt my head, and try strain to hear for that danger music that normally plays faster when danger is closing in.

Lately my posts have been rather depressing, not that I am in a good place, but I have to pull my self out of getting harder level in my life. I am too old for this. Someone once said that when you are just surviving, it is almost impossible to dream. But when I am down, I like to curl into the smallest ball as I can, and dreams are my escape, my poison. And can I dream, yes I can.

Today has become a blur, not that I have been sleeping but I have been trying not to curl up. The sun was getting low, it is getting colder now that winter has arrived, and I found this fiery aloe. Ahhh God you are just teasing me. Don't you now that I am down. I don't need your handy work to brighten up my day. It seems I do.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Coffee Cake

Coffee cake, since I missed Kerry's chelsa buns last week, Kerry made a lovely and sweet coffee cake for Connect group today. Did I mention how cold this evening was, no? Brrrrrrr, I should have stayed in Hilton, as down there it was 9°C but here it was a freezing 0°C.

Kerry informed us that there was no coffee per say in the cake, but cinnamon. The cake is called coffee cake because you have it with coffee, dah. What ever ingredients, it was certainly a repeat.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Glimpses of the Cross

Well it is time to hit the road back to civilisation. After a good breakfast, I left Hilton and headed north. The weather closed in by the time I got to the Drankensberg, with the peaks of the mountain hidden by snow clouds. All I could do was to push through and on the other side it started to clear.

The temperatures were still about zero. Driving past Harrismith I caught glimpses of the cross on top of the Platberg mountain, the Free States own Table Mountain. 

By time I got to Gauteng, the snow clouds where behind me, icy cold blue skies above, and in front lay Johannesburg, sitting under a brooding layer of smog due to a winter's inversion layer which traps the pollution low to the ground. I just had to put my head down and drive into the haze. 

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Private Dancer

I'm your private dancer, dancer for money. I'll do what you want me to do... no no no, wrong Tina. This is Tina and Eddy, not Tina Turner and Ike. 

Now how could I ever get so confused, well any ways, Tina and her husband Eddy are also staying with us at Robbie's place in Hilton. They are down from Johannesburg for a 21st next door at Tim and Fiona's. Now they are beekeepers and this is one thing that I would love to do so we had plenty to talk about other than the commonality of families and religious upbringing as they are ex-Brethren like me, hence the confusing about private dancers.

Note to self: We must get together in Jozi and follow up on beekeeping.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Bunny Box

Well when in Rome, do what the Romans do, and since I am in Pietermarizburg or Sleepy Hollow, I thought I better eat something unique to this place but I could not find that uniqueness. Now Pietermarizburg is just up the drag from Durban, and the Durban speciality is their curries, especially the Bunny Chow. 

No not real bunnies rabbits but a half loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with some Durban curry be it chicken or mutton curry. Now while at the Royal Show, I have been eyeing out these Bunny Chows served in a box since I've been here, and since today has been rather busy, I rewarded myself with a Bunny Box.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Is our God too small?

Our God is too small!

Something has to give. All around me everyone is wearing orange, you would think it is the queen's birthday in the Netherlands but sadly it is more sinister than nationalistic fever. Today everywhere you look in KwaZulu-Natal most people have had enough of gun violence by wearing something orange after 9 year old Sadia Sukhraj was tragically killed in a shoot-out on Monday after a high-jacking, then yesterday a Kelly Chetty was killed in front of his children in a blogged high-jacking. And this morning bullets went flying when a mini war broke out over taxi routes between Pietermarizburg and Howick. Oh what has the Last Outpost become? I thought I had gotten away from all the violence of Gauteng only to find that this indiscriminate killing has spread even to the peaceful corners of South Africa. Oh cry my beloved country.

Wearing orange is okay to bring some sense that we are standing up together as one but will it help when even pastors of churches are carrying guns. Yes you read correctly, the little girl who was killed, her father is a pastor and he pulled out his gun and a battle ensued between him and the high-jackers of his car with the small child still sitting in the back seat. Is no one is safe any more that even God is too small to protect that even his servants have to arm themselves?

So is our God too small?

I remember once, many moons ago, an evangelistic preacher from Kenya who had moved to South Africa, once asked me my opinion on if he should have bodygaurds after visiting a church in Rustenburg whose pastor had bodygaurds. My answer then is the same as now, NO. Your God is big enough. If you have to have people to protect you then your God is too small. The word pastor derives from the word shepherd. Act like a shepherd not a warrior. Get people to run interference if you have to but not bodygaurds, and not carrying guns either. Even running interference is walking too close to the line. Jesus's disciples tried to run interference once, and Jesus had to chastise them, by saying let the children come, you know the story and it is not the only one. Take the women who was so desperate that she believed that all she needed was to touch the hem of Jesus' cloak.  

So to land this. Our God is NOT small so stop treating as such. Our God is more than enough.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Ode to Eggs

What's this ode to eggs? I decided that this photo of 2 eggs that I had for breakfast was perfect for my blog. Now for a title after thinking about green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss, then it just came to me ode to eggs but when I put that title into the internet search, I came up with many odes for eggs results, too many for my liking. 

A pat of butter on my toast followed by a pair of farm eggs, freshly collected from the hens outside. Sjoe, these yolks are really yellow and they are so tasty, yum, I love these eggs, I do. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Duck Feet

Duck Tales, oh that now that is bringing back memories, of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Okay maybe that is not their names but ducks are not telling no tales of whose feet are those in the photos as they woddle their tails. So let me end by quoteing Dark Wing Duck, "Let's Get Dangerous!"

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Early Start

I was supposed to be in Pietermarizburg last week but due to personal reasons, I had to delay my trip down. So with an early start, I found the sun peeping over the flat lands of the Free State. Out of city and to my best friend for a week in Hilton, away from the bustle and the hustle of life. Yes I have had enough of life for now. Too many emotions for a lifetime behind me. 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Memory of Carol

It was with trepidation that I walked into that God1st hall in Benoni. But suck it in buttercup, you here for the living, and I had to leave all that hurt and sorry at the door. Most of the people there haven't seen me for years, as I in my mind was the ogre but here I was at Carol's memorial. Some didn't even know that I was he. With sad fluttering butterflies in my stomach I stepped forward, putting on a brave face for Matthew, in loving memory of Carol.

There was many tears in the hall today, as people shared their fun yet sad anecdotes, then Matthew stepped up to the stage, and my heart proudly beated as he recollected flawlessly memories of his mother. I know he must have been butterflies but he stood tall for his mum as the memory of her will live in him.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Give a Dog a Bone

Look what I found my dog River Song playing with! 

Okay before the police comes kicking down my door. I bought an ostrich leg bone for River Song, my German Shepherd cross with a Belgium Shepherd puppy and put a old shoe at one end to scare any possible intruders. I mean who wouldn't think twice when they see this.

River Song loves her bone. Rather she chew on this than pull any more washing off the line. 

Saturday, 26 May 2018

You Are Next

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. It has been one of those weeks. My mind was taken off my situation and brought squarely onto my son Matthew. Last Friday he lost his mom, and he demeanour came across as blank. He was hard to read, yet at the same time I found him vulnerable. 

I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus name. This week also came the news of my best friend's oldest brother's father-in-law passing away. Now Howard was one of the Brethren elders that was from my past and now he has gone to be with the Lord after serving faithfully. When was on the phone with my best friend early this week, he reminded me that my prediction I gave Howard many years ago did not come true. Now I had forgotten all about this prediction that he had to remind me. At my best friend's father's funeral I said to Howard that he was next. Oops I don't remember how that conversation started or that I said those words but it sounds just like me to have said them and it was witnessed by my best friend. 

But wholly lean on Jesus name I rest on His unchanging grace. "You are next" at a funeral, uhmmm, okay I promise I did not say those words today to anyone at Howard's memorial service which was held in Kliptown West. Typical of most Brethren events, the Gospel has to be preached in case there were any chance of an unbeliever present. 

In every high and stormy gale my anchor holds within the veil. Looking down at the Hymns of Light and Love serving as doorstops, a familiar hymn started, and I listened to every word as words of songs are very important to me. Words mean a lot. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

All other ground is sinking sand. what is with these old hymns whose words of truth can cut so deep. His oath, His covenant, His blood supports me in the overwhelming flood when all around my soul gives way. He then is all my hope and stay. And the door is still being held open for me.

On Christ the solid rock I stand 
All other ground is sinking sand 
All other ground is sinking sand

Friday, 25 May 2018

15 Bodies

Last night River Song, my German Shepherd cross Belgium Shepherd puppy would not stop barking. It was a windy night with an ill feeling in the air. After many checks with a touch, I resigned myself that I must have a problem puppy as she is just barking at the wind but this morning I learnt that I was far wrong.

Last night another pilgrim fell to the Mamlambo, a mermaid snake like African spirit/goddess that can shapeshift her form at will. Well the Mamlambo that lives here in the splash pool of the Manie Mulder waterfall was on the prowl last night which according to statistics here in this gorge she does on average just over 3 times a year when she is hungry. Our stats count last night's victim as body number 15, the 2nd one this year to be fished out of the Muldersdrift Se Loop, a stream which springs out of the rocks between Roodekrans and Krugersdorp. For the record, the 1st victim this year was on Sunday the 21 January 2018 and a Police helicopter was sent to retrieve the body.

Come on 15 bodies in 4 years! This has to stop. This is a very strong spirit that lives down in the splash pool of the Manie Mulder waterfall, very strong. This Mamlambo, she is very unhappy about all the Protea Trees that are being cut down for firewood and the sewerage that plagues this stream and the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens downstream.

The only fix I can see is to stop people going down into this gorge at night. And to do this I propose that this, the deepest gorge in Gauteng, home to the last 2 African Tree Ferns in the wilds of Gauteng, to be incorporated into the National Botanical Gardens. Yes this area needs to be protected! Alien trees to be removed and the area returned to its natural state. Allow access only during the day for the pilgrims to collect the Holy Water, and to wash themselves spiritually but then leave before dark. No one should be allowed to stay overnight in this spiritual realm, no one. That way the Mamlambo will be happy again.

Well according to the statistics, 1 more pilgrim has to feed the hunger of the Mamlambo before the year is over. Surely 15 deaths is way too much for one stream to cause. Let us put a stop to this and at the same time protect the environment

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Red Peg

Sigh! Not much gets to me, well except the dog barking all night for no apparent reason. Yes I have been outside with a touch and nothing. And then it is this! Don't let me go outside onto to patio and take a photo let alone bring a guest over. Sigh.

Sigh, young adults who haven't quite grown up yet and expect the world to owe them yet they can not clean up after themselves. I suppose I wasn't much better myself when I was in my early 20s.

The question that is begged to to be asked, why is there a red peg by flotilla of empty cups, glasses, and beer bottles?

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

I can Only Imagine

With so many people around me, going on to be with the Lord, it is a little worrying of what God has set in motion. Is it well with my soul?

Frank, the guy in the middle invited a group of men to watch the movie "I can only imagine" with him. Okay it is his 3rd time he saw the movie and it has just been released on the the circuit. In the photo is Clint, Stephan, me, Frank, Maurizio, and Morné. Okay Tim who is missing was taking the photo. Someone at the table quoted "Show me your friends and I will prophesy your future". This is a great bunch of men.

So back to the movie of Bart Millard and MercyMe, and of how the song "I can only Imagine came into being, not in 10 minutes it took to write it down but a lifetime of hurt and sorry. The words that Bart's dad said to him "Dreams don't pay the bills. Nothing good comes from them. All it does is keeping you from knowing what is real." Hit real hard as I remember Carol once said to me that I taught her to dream and look what all that dreaming became, bitterness and sorrow. If God can change Bart's dad from bitterness of his destroyed dreams, then what can God do for me. 

Yes in my wildest dreams I cannot imagine what I will do once I too stand before the throne. "Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of You be still? Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all? I can only imagine." 

I can only imagine

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


What is with me and queues today? First was the City of Joburg to try sort out our water issue and afterwards Home Affairs to pick up my documentation. Oh well that is my day virtually written off. You know come to think of it waiting in queues is an art form. Not everyone has the patience and ability to stand in long rows just waiting. The trick is to keep your mind busy, don't let it rage inside as it will only consume you. Breathe in. Breathe out.

A few people in front of me is a lady who apparently self exploded yesterday in this very queue and now she is back waiting in the same queue. Now she is a perfect example of what not to do in a queue as it just makes those who are there to help you not wanting to be there plus if their day is messed up be assured that they will make everyone else's day messed up too. Thankfully she was on her best behaviour today, but she had to tell her captive audience all what happened yesterday, yet here she is.

In front of me is a very quiet lady, not looking up once from here e-book that she was reading and behind me was this gogo going by the name of Goqwana. Ah this Xhosa gogo knew how to master the long queues by bringing along her knitting. Striking up a conversation as one does in queues, I found her to be quite an intelligent gogo even helping me get the pronunciation of the Xhosa click q. She said that at her age she has to keep her mind busy hence she has taken up knitting blankets. Oh sorry I forgot my non South African readers, a gogo is not erotic style of dancing but the South African word for grandmother. 

This queue at Home Affairs was quite diverse as the Chairman of an large international audit firm joined the queue a few people behind me. I am not going to mention names, but we recognised each other, as we knew each other from Bryanston Bible Church. iT goes to show no matter who you are, at Home Affairs you have to queue. Thankfully today's queues did not take too long.

Monday, 21 May 2018

His Lordship

Its all quiet after the weekend flurry of Royal Wedding watching other than the aftermath of wedding watches gossip. Did you see all those ugly hats? Oh why is there an empty space in front of the queen? And pray why did Megan's mom sit alone? Okay I confess I must be one of the few who did not watch as I don't care about some wedding far away. And no I don't want to watch in case you missed it video.

Anyways, driving to the local Walmart to buy some pool chlorine, this car past me with a pooch in the rear seat being driven around like royalty. At first I thought that he looks like Harry, no wait what is his dad's name Charles or was that Mark. Uhmmm you can see the resemblance of his lordship?

Okay I am going get some haters, but I still don't see what all the fuss was about.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Deceiving Desert

In the early winter sun, I sat on the cold step outside Centre Church, and before me stretched an expanse of astroturf at my feet. With my head down soaking up the little warmth, I noticed movement. Yes there was this ant in this expanse of falseness battling to make his way. Was this little fella lost like me? Surely there is nothing of nutritional value in the plastic grass. (If you look carefully you can see the ant in this photo. No? Well how about I zoom in for you.)

Staring at this ant, my thoughts started wondering about the last few weeks. A week ago my thought at the time was that we should put earphones on Carol and play the old hymns that she grew up with, songs that she held dear to her heart. And now she is gone to be with the Lord, resting at His feet. She always grappled with the issue of her disability and now she can ask Him directly and she can find peace so that it can be well with her soul.

The ant has moved on. Then why do I feel lost? I know I have to be the brave one, and Matthew can see that I am struggling even as he tries to work through his own issues. Am I the ant, up against all this same old repeating plastic grass. Nothing of nourishment here that it actually is a deceiving desert. Why has God brought me through this desert? What am I to learn?

I long for the living waters, for the life. I don't want to be a sad christian walking around all mopping, head down. I want to be the flame that attracts others to God. I want to be the hand that pulls someone into the light. I used to be so scared of singing songs to God about asking for more faith, knowing deep down what it means to let go and trust God. So now I find myself in a place that I have no more choice but to let go. So let go my soul and trust in God.

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