Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Chilly Sunset

As the sunset on this chilly winter's day, I was on the phone with my son Matthew, having a deep one on one conversation with him. At that moment all I wanted was to be with him and to hold him tight, never let go.

Earlier Matthew had phoned me, he was lying on his bunk in Res before lectures and was thinking about his mom who past away a few months back. He was missing her and he just wanted to talk to someone. My heart felt so heavy for him that throughout the entire afternoon after that conversation, I was thinking about him and sending every now and then short prayers up to heaven. 

My personality likes to build walls around myself to protect the me, and it becomes hard for anyone to breakthrough or clamber over the walls. When Carol died, I noticed Matthew putting up those same self walls that I used to build. My heart went out to him as I could not reach out to him. All I could do was stand next to him and support him in the best way I know, which I must confess isn't the best as I myself wasn't in a good place. Anyways with our earlier chat, I felt the cracks forming in the wall and I just wanted to be with him.

I phoned him as soon as I could after his lectures and supper. It was during this very sunset, with me out in the chilly dawn on the deck just craving his voice over the phone.

No matter what happens, I know it is going to be alright, Matthew and I. God has a plan, and we are playing a big part in it. It may be a chilly sunset now, it is going to be a hot future. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Ginger Beer and Beard

Two meetings this evening and I could only go to one so I decided that the neighbourhood watch meeting won over the Connect meeting. So as evening arrived the electricity in the entire area tripped so the watch meeting was postponed and I could now make the Connect meeting which was down the hill and still had electricity and brownies. 

Arriving at Connect this evening, I found Kyle and Lance proudly showing off there latest endeavour, the beard oil and balms. So here is Ginger Beard or aka Ginger Beer showing off a well oiled beard. 

Monday, 16 July 2018

Cold Biker

The gate buzzer rang and expecting our gardener John, I went out to open up for him and found John on top of a bike. John arrived on top of his newly required Pulser 180cc motorcycle looking as cold as can be any biker can be in the middle of winter.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Garden Refuse

What we need desperately in the Roodekrans, Heildekran, and Wilropark area is a garden refuse collection point as what you see above is what is happening in our green belts. Yes dumping of garden refuse, as this gardener is caught red handed breaking the law.

So why should I become a councilman, uhmm I thinking about it except will I be able to handle the abuse that the public dish out to their local councilpersons. I will have to be thickskin to be able to be like water off a duck's back. But if I do go this route, the first thing is that we need a garden refuse depot and a recycling drop off point.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Cold Cat

Well this is one cold cat, Tiger does not like the sudden cold snap that has hit us this weekend. Brrrrrr, here is Tiger trying to stay close in the warm lounge. Feet up with the gas heater on and a blanket will only do to get a cold cat into a hot cat.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Square Foot

Friday the 13th, oh yay, thank goodness I am not superstitious. A meeting came up and I needed to be in Edenvale this afternoon. Okay to get to the other side of Jozi on a Friday afternoon without getting stuck in traffic, uhmmm this called for the Vespa.

Yes the Red Baroness carried me across to downtown Edenvale on time, well as expected I was early as usual, and here I am sitting in the waiting room just off to one side of the reception, and then I see it, a square light shape reflecting on the tiles with my left foot in it, hence a square foot.

Go figure, it is time for the weekend.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Is everything going to be okay?

The story is not over yet, I am standing on solid rock again as I know in my heart that God caught me even though I can see that ground coming ever so closer. Since a new song has been placed on my lips, I have been praising how great God is, so I had an breakfast appointment with Bernard, I of course when he finished telling me his story and asked how I was, it just poured out, my new song that was on my lips, Gadol Elohai.

This morning before heading out to my breakfast with Bernard, I came to that thin place before God. So as I pressed into God in that thin place, I whispered to God, "Is everything going to be okay?"

And He answered, "I love you and I will take care of your needs."

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Sad Kitty

"Why do you look so sad, little kitty?"

Oh I am so sorry Rosy, but you are putting of so much weight that I am afraid that you are getting too fat which is why I am trying to cut down of your continuous eating. It is not healthy to have a fat cat so just for a little while you can be a sad kitty. Just know that I loves you even though you are a cat.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Gadoi Elohai

I have been free falling for sometime now and I wasn't hearing from God especially as the ground started rushing up towards me at a great speed. About 3 weeks ago a good friend said these words to me "don't look towards month end but look towards God". I had to tear my sight away from the upcoming ground zero and bury my face in His word. I started at the Psalms and started finding promise after promise of that I could stand on.

What I was looking for was solid ground and I cried out to God...

"In you, Lord my God, I put my trust. Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my saviour. Remember, Lord, your great mercy and love, for they are from old. Do not remember the sins of my youth and rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you, Lord, are good." Psalm 25

"In you, Lord, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame; deliver me in your righteousness. Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me. Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead me and guide me." Psalm 31

And so did my cries went up to my God, and he turned His ear towards me and heard me.

Today He gave me a new song... Gadoi Elohai.

"I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God." Psalm 40

After I read that I felt that God had literally gave me a new song to sing, no more crying out because I felt God had heard my pleas and had answered. Later while doing my social, I noticed a friend had posted a song by Joshua Aaron a Messianic Jew, it was an old song but sung in a new way, in Hebrew, Gadol Elohai, and my heart jumped. I found Joshua's testimony online, and before he gave his testimony he spoke about a new song and that song was Gadoi Elohai. Conformation.

Gadoi Elohai! Shiru ki Gadol. Elohai! Kol echad yirei Ki Gadol elohai.

It's easy to praise God when something great happens. However, I know how hard it can be to praise God in the midst of the struggle. 

So now the words on my lips are Gadoi Elohai, how great is our God. "Lord I thank you that I was free falling with the ground coming up so fast that I could not comprehend what was going to happen. BUT before I went splat, you caught me, dusted me off, and placed me on solid rock. I was broken but now you have given me a new song on my lips, thank you, thank you so much!"

Monday, 9 July 2018

Be Gone Beard

Well this is it, be gone beard. I tried to grow a designer beard for the last 2 months and this is all I have got to show for it. It made me look my real age, old and who wants to live forever. So now it is all gone and I am years younger.

Sunday, 8 July 2018


Today is Matthew's last day of the holidays and I had to take him back to Pretoria. We dropped his stuff off at Res and then I took him to my sister Theresa's place where he and his cousin Jaen-Jurie went off to the local mall for the evening. 

Sigh these boys of ours are growing so fast.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Water Hyacinth

We took a drive north up the Hartebeespoortdam and were shocked to see the state of the dam with large parts of the dam covered in water hyacinth. This alien plant is one of the worst weeds in South Africa and is killing off the aquatic life in our dams. It is strangling off life yet the authorities don't have any budget nor the will to stop this problem. 

Friday, 6 July 2018

Light on the Wall

At least the writing is not on the wall but light reflecting from the swimming pool onto the wall in the lounge. I have posted about this phenomenon before yet it still intrigues me to see the water patterns being displayed for all to see on the wall. Oh that is me with my cellphone in hand to take this selfie.  

Thursday, 5 July 2018

1 2 3 4 5

Lynda is on a well deserved leave yet she braved the cold to venture to Cradlestone Mall not expecting a dinosaur to want to play.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Once I caught a dinosaur alive,
6, 7, 8, 9,10,
Then I let him go again.
Why did you let him go?
Because he bit my fingers so.
Which fingers did he dite?
All these fingers on my right.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Reginald or Reg as he likes himself to be called is working with Tom, a good friend of mine and I had to pop in at Tom's to talk about a way forward. I am helping Reg with his latest endeavour, Corporate Frames. Reg comes from a picture framing background and has been doing framing for the likes of artists, architects, designers, corporate companies, galleries, the hospitality industry, and top end private homes. Now he is on his own and I have to help see if there is a space in the market for a corporate framer and installer.

As for me, well there seems to be a slump in the industry, jobs are getting fewer and companies are tightening their belts by trying to take the digital marketing internally. Oh well all I have is that God loves me because who God is, not because of anything I did or didn't do. I just have to get out there and put 1 step in front of the other and enjoy God in all that I do.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Bird on a Wire

I have heard of kingfishers being seen down by the stream below us but now I can confirm that they are here as I saw my first on, a bird on on a wire, as the song goes. With only my cellphone available here is the proof of a Brown hooded Kingfisher sitting on the overhead fibre cable. Sorry little birdie no fish here but if you flutter over next door, they have converted their swimming pool into a koi pond although koi will be too big for you.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Keep off the Pavements

Keep off the pavements, Matthew has passed his Driver's Licence and is now legally allowed to drive on the road solo. For my readers not from South Africa, pavement is the same as sidewalk. 

Congratulations Matthew, I can't be any prouder. Now to try source you a car. 

Since Matthew's haircut poll was slightly in favour of cutting and because he did so well in his driving exam this morning, I decided to be lenient and only get his hair trimmed and styled.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Walking the Tiger

Taking the dogs out for a walk into the veldt, Tiger one of our cats always loves to join us in our walks. Although he simply ambles along and we have to stop often for him to catch up. It was kind of fun to have a cat walking with us and the dogs. Only River Song, had to always go and check if Tiger was okay, and after a few slaps of the paw, River Song moved on leaving Tiger to his leisurely stroll.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Day Before 21

We had to make the long trip across town to Benoni to pick up Matthew's laptop bag because he had his ID book in the bag and he needs it for Monday. But I decided we should make it a day and visit my Aunty Rene in Pretoria. So we stopped for shortbread cookies, as my aunt loves shortbread and inventively gatecrashed my 2nd cousin Simon's 21st birthday party. Well Simon's birthday is actually tomorrow but they could get the whole family together today so why not.

Simon, Tony, Alex, and Matthew

All we wanted was visit my aunt and the whole side of their family was there. Well we aren't that big in family get togethers but Matthew and I were well received, I supposed because we not often in the area, it was good to catch up on family.

Debbie and Matthew

Friday, 29 June 2018

To Cut or Not

To cut or not to cut, that is the question. I want Matthew to cut his hair as it is not looking neat but Matthew likes his hair long, so he posed the question in a poll to all his friends and family yesterday on the way home from Benoni. This morning the poll was slightly in favour of cutting his hair, yay at least some sense is prevailing.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Turn the Lights On

It is going to snow. Yes this street light at the end of our street, right outside my home has not worked since we moved in, nearly one and a half years ago. I have reported it to City Power on numerous occasions, yes I have all the reference numbers should you request, after reporting it again yesterday, guess who showed up today. Yes you guessed it, give the dog a done, City Power turned up to repair the non working street light.

After discovering that electricity was not getting to the light pole, they discovered that the wires had burned out at the light pole before this one. A quick repair, and...

Nothing. electricity is now getting to the bottom of the pole but not reaching to top where it is needed. After changing the globe it still was not working, so they deduced that it must be the actual light fitting. So they promise to return again on Monday with a new light fitting. 

So I am actually looking forward to having some light at the cul-de-sac as it would shed light at the gate into the veldt.  

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Sometin is Growing

About to go splat, yet here I am calm as a daisy. Who came up with that? I mean who knows what a daisy feels like? I went out and did my neighbourly duties by doing a neighbourhood patrol for the local watch. Out there in the neighbourhood, I feel like I am part of Commander Sam Vimes' Watch. Two types of people laugh at the law: those that break it and those that make it.

There is this white vagrant who I have seen on numerous occasions in my area. Mostly pushing a shopping trolley of recyclable goods that he has managed to scavenged. On my patrol today, I came across him and stopped to find out more about him. His name is Donald and from what I can tell he is an addict and is living in the veldt next to the home of his mom and step-dad. I don't the story behind why he is living on the streets other than it must be his addiction which brought him to this low place. I just wonder what can I do without feeding his addiction.

So the Watch, is not pretty at all but is is a necessity. Arriving home with this cloud of depression over my left shoulder, I saw a flash of green where there aren't supposed to be green, at the intercom system. Strange that life finds a way to grow where life aren't supposed to be. 

I am still holding on to life as I believe God is in control, no matter what the circumstances are, I am a child of God and He is a good, good father.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Restorative Care

Kittykie is not doing too well. She stopped breathing twice that I know about since last night. She is hungry and when she tries to eats, the food hardly can pass her phlegmy throat before she coughs it all up again.

I had to get Kittykie some Restorative Care a/d, a high protein pet food in a chicken pâté form. She hungrily tried some but then went into a chocking fit. At least she managed to keep some down, I hope.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Sick Kitty

Keep still, Kitty, I know that you are not well. Just let the vets see to you and make it all better.

Poor Kittykie, she is one sick granny puddy tat. The symptoms are similar to cat asthma and she is battling to breathe with all that phlegm in her throat.  

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Protea Stump

Yesterday a huge bush fire erupted from an illegal ZCC church gathering on private land. This fire just about decimated the grazing of the endangered Mountain Reedbuck. The teams that went in to stop the fire were shocked to find 12 illegal pilgrim groups, over 200 cut down protea trees, and to make matters worse, a dead Mountain Reedbuck was found in a snare. :-(

This morning I went into the portion of veldt outside my home, I found only a pilgrim couple praying on my side but on the other side of the valley, it was dotted with pilgrims very 100m or so. I found a number of cut protea trees too, this one stump shown above which was cut down some time ago is struggling to regrow and it doesn't help if the branches are broken off regularly. 

This has to stop!

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Mustang Frank

Move over Sally, Mustang Frank is in town, and he is passionate about men of God and this morning at a Men's Breakfast I attended, Frank was the keynote speaker and he gave his testimony. Wow was it passionate and from the heart.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Office with a View

After yesterday's traffic, it was a relief to sitting in a meeting room with a view like this. This morning I had a meeting with Andrew from the South African National Botanical Gardens, Bill from the Wild Orchids of South Africa, Belinda from the Proteadal Conservation Association, Johann from the Black Eagles Project, Tony an ecologist, and Dawid a photographer, and this was our view.

Nice to have all this beauty right slap in the middle of urban sprawl.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Traffic Eejets

We all have to wait in the traffic, yet there are some eejets who simply cannot obey the law. This eejet along with the local taxis think that they are better than everyone else, that the traffic laws don't apply to them.

Breathe in, Jerome, Breathe out. Two days ago I was nearly taken out by a clap out pickup jumping a red traffic light, just because it was red doesn't apply to him, and all his passengers sitting in the bin who all would have died if I had being just a half a meter forward. 

Breathe in, breathe out. Well thankfully I am not always in this type of rush hour traffic.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Rabbit Patrol

Every now and again, I help out at our local neighbourhood watch with patrols. Basically you drive slowly around the neighbourhood, armed with direct access to the local ops room to report anything out of place in the neighbourhood.

For me the main thing I get out of the patrols, is that I get to find out all the streets around me, and sometimes meet some of the residents. Here are 2 causally warming themselves in the winter sun. 

Rabbit Patrol Over and Out!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Kiss

Who remembers the Shoop Shoop song, it's in his kiss, that's where it is, in the kiss. Yeah River Song and Rosy show how it is done, in the dog and cat kiss. This is like Romeo and Juliet, the 2 are sneaking a kiss without any of the other dogs and cats seeing. Uhmmm but I saw, them.

Does he love me, I want to know
How can I tell if he loves me so
Is it in his eyes, oh no you'll be deceived
Is it in his eyes, oh no you'll make believe
If you want to know, if he loves you so
It's in his kiss
That's where it is, oh yeah

It is in the kiss!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Made in China

Looking back over the weekend, I find it hard to believe that my best friend Robbie was up from Pietermarizburg and stayed over, yet there is no mention of him in my weekend posts, uhmmm. Okay Robbie I suppose you are grateful because you don't like your photo taken.

Anyways with 2 weeks till month end, I better get cracking. So first thing is off to see a client downtown. Walking up the steps of to get to the factory office I pasted this bag of Polyac ABS resin from a Chinese company called Chimei, just standing there on a landing corner along with a mop, bucket, and a worn out broom.

On the way out, as I past the bag of resin that was covered in Chinese writing, I thought of my photo a day shot. Not much of a composition but that is how I found them. Anyways it brings the stark reality of the Chinese colonisation that is quietly taking over the world, even in the little cleaning things. Still not sure what the resin was there for. Maybe it was just the bag that was getting reused in the cleaning.  

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