Monday, 5 October 2015

You Cannot Pass

And here it is folks Johnny, our friendly Grey Crowned Crane coming between William and me, squawking the words "Ungadluli la, you cannot pass!" to poor William who wasn’t sure how to handle my friend Johnny.

Johnny has always had a liking to me and took great pride to keeping others away from me. Sometimes Johnny can be too much as he follows me around on my daily walks through the garden on my breaks. I used to try duck into the office to just to get away from him, then he starts circling my building squawking and kicking up a fuss trying to slip inside.

A couple of times Johnny has been successful. There I am sitting at my desk working and I hear this Jurassic Park sound of a raptor walking down the passage, going room to room looking for his prey, only to look up to at the face of Johnny all happy to have found me.

William is a Christian, soccer playing Zulu language linguist who is looking for opportunities in media and the youth to use his skills. Today he came in to plan the KINGinme programme at the Youth Centres where he uses soccer and Jesus to minister to the troubled youth who find themselves in conflict with the law. And there I was busy showing William around Mogale Business Park, when Johnny decided that I should be rather walking with him than a Zulu white boy.

No matter what obstacles are put in your way, God always has a plan. Maybe Johnny wasn't trying to stop William, maybe he was the Praise Singer. #KINGinme

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